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Pregnancy Relaxation

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here at Babies in Waiting, we are so excited to support you.

We’re passionate about positively helping you through the amazing time of pregnancy and birth.

What are pregnancy relaxation sessions?

Pregnancy relaxation classes are the perfect opportunity for you to reflect, unwind and bond with baby.  Research shows that when an expectant mother is practising regular relaxation, she is providing her baby with endorphins and oxytocin.  These hormones have a positive impact on baby's development.  Pregnancy Relaxation sessions are an amazing gift for baby.  When a pregnant mum is relaxed, so is the baby growing inside of her.  When a woman takes time out to practise breathing techniques and visualisation, she is also giving herself the time to process all of the amazing changes that are taking place both emotionally and physically.  Weekly pregnancy relaxation sessions are a precious opportunity to strengthen the bond with an unborn baby.

Each class is an hour long.  You will have the opportunity to off load any thoughts or worries, meet other pregnant ladies and ask the Babies in Waiting teacher questions.

How do I book?

​You can book a block of four pregnancy relaxation sessions or pay as you go sessions from 37 weeks pregnant onwards.  Wear some comfortable clothing and prepare to relax and enjoy the experience with your baby.  Please see below for details of your nearest classes.

Classes are face to face but there is also the opportunity to join via Zoom.

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