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Young Couple Expecting

Hypnobirthing Classes

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here at Babies in Waiting, we are so excited to support you.

The Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing antenatal course is designed to prepare you for a calm and confident labour and birth.


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is all about reducing the fear and stress that is so prevalent in discussions and preparation around pregnancy.  It’s a way of opting for a calm, positive birth, rather than passively succumbing to the societal expectation that giving birth is traumatic or scary. Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner a set of tools to use to manage any worries, stress and anxiety, and encourage you to take control of your own labour. These tools include things like breathing exercises, affirmations, visualisations and relaxation aids and scripts.


The course is also about giving you the knowledge you need to understand your options for labour. This includes fact-based information about the different kinds of medical interventions, as well as encouraging you to think about your own personal preferences and coming up with your own birth plan. Giving birth is a deeply personal thing, and we believe women should be encouraged to take ownership of their own labour options and choices.

It’s about giving you the responsibility and control for the birth of your baby. It’s about creating a calm, relaxed space to plan for birth, and about maintaining that sense of calm through the birth itself. Ultimately, it’s about giving you and your baby the best start to your beautiful new relationship.

What you’ll get

  • Four two and a half hour sessions, covering a wide range of material

  • Bespoke Babies in Waiting journal to create your own personal birth plan

  • Exclusive pregnancy relaxation audio bundle

  • Ongoing support and help from your Babies in Waiting teacher

Please see below our selection of wonderful teachers in a wide variety of locations across the UK.

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