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Young Couple Expecting


Pregnancy Relaxation

Class location:

Therapy Life Centre,
Prittlewell Chase,
Southend on Sea,

Class dates:


A bit about Ally:

I first discovered hypnobirthing 15 years ago when my cousin was expecting. Her daughter was born beautifully at home and it sounded magical to me. Since then, so many of my family and friends followed suit. So when it came to birthing my own babies, i knew there was only one way for me. However, despite such wonderful birth stories from those closest to me, such was the subconscious conditioning from the media, films and tv, i still feared birth.  I took the Babies in Waiting course with Karen in Hockley and it changed my life. It prepared my husband and I in a way I hoped but couldn't imagine. 

Once I completed the course, I was actually excited for the birth itself. 

My son was born beautifully, at home in a pool. I was relaxed and calm.  Then 2.5 years later my daughter was born in that same room, same pool, caught by husband while my mum held my hand. For me, birth was such a positive, empowering experience. 

I decided I wanted to empower other pregnant women and their partners to enjoy the pregnancy journey as much I did.

The Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course is a comprehensive antenatal course which supports the mental and emotional wellbeing of pregnant women preparing them for the life changing moment of giving birth.  

Please contact us using the email address below to show your interest. The class leader will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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