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Protect yourself from negativity.

One of the brilliant things about being a part of the Babies in Waiting community is the connections you make with like minded people. Friendships that in some cases last years.  As founders of Babies in Waiting we have also stayed in touch with many of our past Hypnobirthing clients.  It's so important to surround yourself with positive people who raise your vibe and make you feel heard and supported.  After all we are all connected and we can't underestimate the impact that we have on others.  It's one of the reasons we have regular Babies in Waiting meet ups and coffee mornings.  We have to keep in touch with positive people.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and could hear some of the moans and groans of other customers behind me.  Fair enough the queue was quite big but they were saying things like 'it's a nightmare'...'it's just horrendous'.  They then started criticising the self service check out and the conversation moved on to how the 'country is going to s**t.'  You get the idea.  As I overheard their conversation, I started to feel my chest tighten and started to feel quite stressed.  I had no reason to feel like this.  I had no children with me and I was actually killing time before I had to pick my son up which is why I went to the supermarket. I wasn't in any rush but the impact of their conversation made me start to feel as though I should be.  Perhaps you can think of scenarios when someone else's stress have been passed on to you?

The ripple effects of the negative energy of other people can change your thinking and even have an impact on your physical body.  Negativity is contagious.  I wonder how often you check in with yourself and become aware of the impact of other people's emotions on you.  

We have to consciously find the positive people to counter balance the negativity.  We have to find our tribe of people who can raise our vibes and support us with our goals and motivation.

Also, you might remember from the Hypnobirthing course - the Screen of Strength script.  This is a powerful technique that helps you to block out the negativity of others and protect your positivity.  You literally imagine a screen all around you keeping you in your positive zone.  Techniques such as this are really helpful to have in your mental toolbox of strategies.  On a daily basis I am reminded of the importance of observing negativity that surrounds us but trying our best not to absorb it.  We have to keep our vibe high so that we can be the powerful manifestors that we are supposed to be. :)

Sending love, Emily x

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