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Four Agreements to live by.

I struggle to sit down and read a book eventhough I would absolutely love to because I am constantly thinking there are so many things that I need to do.  By the time I get into bed and my head hits the pillow, I might try and read a few lines but then I pass out :) Therefore, audio books are a complete game changer for me!  I love Audible and at the moment I have been listening to a book called 'The Four Agreements.'  If you love personal development and mindset - you will love this book.  It really gets you thinking.  It's only a short listen and I listened through headphones when trying to tidy my daughter's bedroom and it was a great distraction from the mess and chaos!  I won't tell you alll about the book incase you want to read it for yourself but the first agreement and the one that sticks out most in my mind is 'Be Impeccable with your word.'  I absolutely love this because it focusses on having an awareness of the way you speak to yourself and others.  

Things to think about - have you been putting yourself down recently? Have you been focussing on the negative in your life and not the positive?  Your thoughts and words are powerful.  Watch your self talk and speak highly of yourself and others. Your words are like spells and they can create powerful things to manifest into your life.  Recognise just how amazing you are and how wonderful your life is - speak about yourself and others from a higher perspective and you will get even more to be grateful for.  

Let me know if you have read 'The Four Agreements', I would love to know what you thought of it

I had a lovely comment from a friend of a friend this week who said, 'You are so lucky to work with your mum.'  I guess it is quite a unique situation that we work together as a mum and daughter team and are teaching other mums about birth.  We went for a walk yesterday and were enjoying this beautiful sunshine with the kids and my dog.  We are lucky that we get on so well and that we have built Babies in Waiting together over the years.  Every time we train a new Franchisee we tell them about the beginnings of our journey with Hypnobirthing and it's lovely to reflect on how far we have come.  When you teach something that you love, it really isn't work and when you work with people that you love - work is just a really enjoyable part of life.

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