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Young Couple Expecting


Pregnancy Relaxation

Class location:

53 Butt Road, Colchester,

CO3 3 BZ

A bit about Kerry:

I’m Kerry, a Mum of two and a huge advocate for hypnobirthing and mindfulness. 

I look back at both of my children’s births with such happy and wonderful memories, thanks to the tools and skills I learnt with Babies in Waiting back in 2017. I feel very fortunate to have experienced two beautiful and empowering births, my son was born in a birthing unit and my daughter at home in a birthing pool.

I truly believe that when women are encouraged and supported to trust their gut instinct and what feels right for them, then they will feel safe, at ease and relaxed. 


With the right education and support women can increase their self belief and trust what their bodies are designed to do. I aim to become that support network to help eliminate fears and to trust your body in order to experience a positive and memorable birthing experience. 


My sessions are held in the comfortable and relaxing setting of Float & Booch which my husband and I own. Our floating tanks are the perfect accompaniment to help practice the relaxation techniques within the hypnobirthing course. I cannot wait to teach this course to you for knowledge is power and birth is beautiful. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Please contact us using the email address below to show your interest. Kerry will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Contact Kerry
07701 041675
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