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The first trimester and the unwritten rule of pregnancy

If like me you ‘just knew’ you were pregnant, well before your missed period, it can be a long twelve weeks waiting for your first scan. I’d taken test after test, waiting for the second line to appear and watching it get darker with each test. We were excited, we wanted to tell the world.. but, WHAT IF?


The beautiful birth of Abigail

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'Chris and I attended the Babies in Waiting course and cannot recommend it enough.

As a sufferer of anxiety, mainly health anxiety, labour has always been something I have had a phobia/fear of. I always knew I wanted children but felt scared of going through labour. Of course this fear was built up by society “horror stories” or the media; what I'd seen on T.V or films etc.


Lucy Robinson from Babies in Waiting on Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation

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Our lovely Chelmsford Babies in Waiting teacher, Lucy was recently interviewed by Mama Loves Chelmsford as part of the #EveryMumEssex campaign.

Mama Loves Chelmsford writes,


Five reasons why I wanted him in the birthing pool with me…

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When I first mentioned the possibility of joining me in the birthing pool for labour, my suggestion was met with point blank refusal and a look of shock. My husband Dave is not the stereotypical ‘hippy’ homebirther’s partner. He’s very much a footie loving, City working bloke. The thought of a home birth was a bit scary for him at first and he needed some convincing. The thought of him getting in the birth pool with me also (at first) filled him with horror. However, as is the power of the Babies in Waiting course, he became more open to the idea over time.


Babies in Waiting is simply the best!

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Back in 2012 my sister told me she wanted to do hypnobirthing in preparation for the birth of my beautiful niece Ivy. She attended a private course with Jo from Babies in Waiting in Billericay and absolutely loved it.

‘Having a baby at home?!...that’s too risky!!’ I said. ‘No drugs...not even gas and air? You must be mad!! Have you not watched ‘One born every minute?!’ I said.

Well, when Ivy did finally arrive my sister absolutely bossed it, and I remember thinking...if there is a way to bring a baby in to the world, that is it!