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Nelly's beautiful birth - a Doula's perspective

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Confidence, strength and connection.  Three words that I would use to describe the amazing birth that I supported as a Doula just over a week ago.  I get goose bumps now just thinking about it.  Nicole’s husband Tom was with her every step of the way and it was one of those magical experiences that I know will always stay with me.  It made me reflect on how life really does come down to love and connection.  Love was most definitely in the air as this little one made her journey into her Mother's arms.  



'It doesn't feel like work'

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Ever wondered what it must be like to be a Babies in Waiting Franchisee?  We met Vicky when she was pregnant with her daughter Amber over three years ago when she attended the Babies in Waiting course herself as an expectant Mum.  She then wanted to join the team to share her passion for positivity during pregnancy and birth.  Vicky really enjoys giving parents personalised support.  Her Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation classes are held in Romford, Essex in a beautiful outbuilding at her home.  Find out more about what Vicky thinks about being a Babies in


Labour is simply 'work' with the best ever reward.

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The word labour by definition means ‘work’.  What does the word ‘work’ mean to you?  To me, it’s focussing on something for a period of time and then receiving reward.  Often the reward is monetary or a feeling pride after achieving a goal.  If you were ‘working out’ at the gym the reward would be endorphins, improved fitness and muscle tone etc.  Therefore ‘work’ always comes to a conclusion and a sense of achievement is experienced at some point.  Of course, the harder you work the better


'I was able to stick to my guns...' The beautiful birth story of Ivy

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Thank you for providing Sean and I with the tools to be able to birth beautifully and have the knowledge we needed to make informed decisions that were right for us and our baby.

I had the home birth I hoped for even though I was ‘11 days overdue’.  I was able to stick to my guns and was adamant I would birth Ivy at home in the pool in my bedroom.

As you know I was feeling slightly anxious that I had a hospital appointment looming on Tuesday 26th November at Colchester hospital to discuss induction, I would’ve been 40 + 12 at that point.


Why a Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course should be at the top of your Christmas list.

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This Christmas is extra special for you.  You are carrying your own precious gift, your baby.  It’s going to be slightly different celebration wise this year.  You will 100% remember all of your work Christmas party and everyone at the Christmas dinner table is going to be ridiculously envious of your maternity leggings.  


If you are contemplating what to put on your Christmas list, here’s why you should ask for a Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course. 



5 reasons why a Babies in Waiting business is for you.

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So… you are considering taking the plunge and doing something that you truly love and feel passionate about.  What's holding you back?  Usually it's one word, 'fear'.  Stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something completely different, having your own business, retraining...you know you want to, but something keeps holding you back.


Now could be the perfect time for you to take that leap of faith and have the dream job.  Here's some reasons why.

1) Enjoy the work that you do.