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River's beautiful home birth.

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It's not every day you get to witness a beautiful home birth, so I thought I'd share my recent experience with you.


Kerry's journey. (A closer look at the experience of a new Babies in Waiting Franchisee.)

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Exciting news!  We are so thrilled to have a new team member join our Babies in Waiting family. 

Kerry is currently training to take on the North Colchester area and teach Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation courses. 

We met Kerry when she was expecting her first baby and we have kept in contact with her over the years so it is extra special that she is now joining the team.  We wanted to share some more details about Kerry’s story and so we asked her a few questions –



Dealing with uncertainty.

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Wow 2020 has brought uncertainty in the bucket load hasn’t it?  This can be particularly unsettling if you are pregnant or a new Mum because you are already going through a colossal time of change and transition.

What strategies have you utilised to help you navigate the choppy waves of 2020 uncertainty? 

Here are some of my ‘go to’ mindset strategies and tools that have helped me weather the storm so far –



The beautiful birth of Elijah

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When we found out we were expecting our second baby, I immediately knew that I wanted a very different birthing experience to that of our daughter. I found my first birthing experience stressful, chaotic and painful and started to research ways in which to have a more relaxing birth. I had heard about hypnobirthing before, and it wasn’t until I heard Giovanna Fletcher speak of her 3 positive births that I researched into doing it for myself.


Kim - our wonderful Midwife

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'Hi, I'm Kim Mason.  I deliver training for the Babies in Waiting teachers.  Here's a little more information about me.

I am a wife, mother, nana and a midwife


£100 Father's Day Giveaway!!

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Babies in Waiting are so excited to reveal our awesome Father's Day competition.

The person that you nominate to win the competition could win a whopping £100 gift voucher of their choice. 

All you have to do is put forward someone who you think is worthy of winning the Babies in Waiting 'Father of the year' award.  

This competition is open to all.  You do not have to have attended a Babies in Waiting course.