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Our Babies in Waiting Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions are the perfect addition to our hypnobirthing class or work great as a standalone relaxation tool.

Each 1-hour session is specifically designed to create a calm and tranquil space to bond with your baby.

Regular relaxation is vital during pregnancy. If you’re relaxed during your pregnancy, then the baby will be too – this is really beneficial for their physical and emotional development.

Our unique Babies in Waiting Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions are the perfect opportunity to reflect and bond with your baby, whilst also releasing any anxieties and boosting your confidence.

Each session has been written by a clinical hypnotherapist and focuses on a specific aspect of your pregnancy, birth and motherhood. They’re designed to encourage reflection, introspection, calm and peace, while also giving you the space to grow in confidence and control over your own pregnancy journey.

All expectant mums are welcome to attend our weekly hour-long sessions. You can start attending at any time during your pregnancy.

These sessions are currently held via video call due to Covid-19. Please see our range of teachers and locations below.