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Why a Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course should be at the top of your Christmas list.

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This Christmas is extra special for you.  You are carrying your own precious gift, your baby.  It’s going to be slightly different celebration wise this year.  You will 100% remember all of your work Christmas party and everyone at the Christmas dinner table is going to be ridiculously envious of your maternity leggings.  


If you are contemplating what to put on your Christmas list, here’s why you should ask for a Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course. 


Firstly, what is more important than preparing for the life changing experience of labour and meeting your baby for the first time?  It’s worth investing time and energy thinking about how you want your birth to be.  During the course you are taught invaluable techniques to support both you and your partner.  These techniques enhance your positivity, focus and motivation during pregnancy and labour.  They vastly improve your chances of achieving a calm, natural birth.  


Secondly, a Hypnobirthing course is a gift for your unborn baby too.  When you are calm and relaxed, so is baby.  You learn the importance of endorphins and oxytocin during pregnancy for baby’s growth, development and wellbeing.  Babies in Waiting then teach you ways of releasing those amazing hormones.  Planning a calm, natural birth, as nature intended, gives baby the best start.  Every parent wants this for their little one.  In some cases natural birth is not always possible and there are special circumstances which is fair enough BUT a calm birth is always achievable...you just need the tools.  BIW teach you how to stay calm and relaxed with visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques.  We equip you with strategies to stay calm and confident during labour for baby.  


Thirdly, a BIW course is a bonding experience for you and your partner.  How often do you actually take time out to speak to your other half about your pregnancy and plan together the arrival of baby?  Life can be so busy and full of distractions.  It can be hard to switch off and reflect upon the amazing changes that are taking place within your body and in your lives.  The course is 2.5 hours per week for four weeks therefore dedicated bonding time with no distractions.  Plus we set activities to practice together at home such as massage.  Extra bonding time. 


What's more, we like to nurture our expectant couples.  High quality resources, a comfortable learning environment with plenty of snacks and refreshments.  Our group courses are small and intimate so that you feel happy to ask plenty of questions.  We even offer private sessions in your own home for those that want a truly personalised experience.  


Lastly, this is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.  You will receive ongoing support during your pregnancy.  Invitations to regular coffee mornings and our Mother and Baby Club.  Babies in Waiting teachers are at the other end of the phone, messenger, WhatsApp, email...you name it we have it covered.  Support is always available.  



A BIW Hypnobirthing course is not a stocking filler gift idea.  It’s a main present gift idea.  It should be the top of your list.   It’s an investment in the birth of your precious baby.  It’s more important than the nursery furniture and more important than the pram system.  The course is preparing you both for the start of your parenting journey.  Labour is an experience that will stay with you forever,  make it a good one.  


Forward this blog to your birth partner and we will support them with your booking so that Santa will bring you the tools for a beautiful birth experience for 2020. 


Emily x


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