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When the unimaginable happens, what do you do?

Do you sink and give up or do you keep swimming however challenging that may be?

The whole world is in a state of shock at the moment as Covid 19 continues to wreak havoc.  An unexpected virus that has got us all at home.  It will touch some lives more profoudly than others.  Some will feel the horror of its wrath more than others.  Many people will need to come to terms with its life changing devastation which will take time and support.  Others will have a milder form of change to their lives.  Nevertheless, when we were all making our plans for 2020 last year, I don't think any of us would have dreamt of the reality that we now find ourselves in.

What do we do when something shocks us?  We tend to call upon past learning.  We reach back into our past experiences and try to find some wisdom from a lesson learned previously.  'When was the last time I was shocked to this extent?  How did I cope?  What did I do?  What helped me to get through it?'  However, none of us have been through a pandemic of this kind.  All we can do is reflect upon similar times of personal challenge that might lurk within our subconscious programming. 

The question is, do we give up or do we adapt, get stronger and let this situation motivate us?

We must find good out of this bad situation.  We are already seeing amazing examples of unity and people coming together to support the more vulnerable in our society.  We are seeing selfless NHS staff work tirelessly to protect us and we are seeing families bond more closely after having to focus on a simpler life.

If you are pregnant, this is probably a really worrying and isolating time for you.  You may feel upset and confused about changes to your antenatal care and appointments.  You may also be feeling disappointed because this isn't how you envisaged spending your pregnancy and potentially early weeks with baby.  

The Babies in Waiting message to you is to use this time of uncertainty to motivate you.  It might sound odd or even a little crazy but let me be clear.  Despite all that is going on in the world, your baby is still going to be born.  It is still possible for you to have your beautiful birth experience.  Feel a rising sense of motivation and power as you realise that you are all your baby needs right now and you are fully in control of your own headspace.  Never has there been a more important time to nurture yourself, protect yourself and invest in spending time relaxing and bonding with baby.

This virus has already destroyed so much, do not let it keep you in a state of distraction and worry.  Switch your attention to something that you can control - how much time you spend practising your breathing and visualisation techniques.  Cocoon yourself in a bubble of love with your baby.  Your baby is blissfully unaware of the news.  Feel a sense of motivation to protect them from it.  By focussing on your baby, you are distracting your mind away from the negativity of the world and purposefully choosing positivity.  You will feel better for it and so will your baby.  Take one day at a time.  

Those that aren't pregnant are distracting themselves by helping to support others or spending time on projects within the house.  We have all seen an influx of baking and creative things being done with children.  Many parents are home schooling and learning how to juggle working from home.  Front line workers are fully immersed in the Covid 19 battle and are taking the daily challenges that they face day by day.

For me, my escapism in Babies in Waiting.  I choose to focus on the journey of new lives entering the world.  I concentrate on the excited smiles on the faces of expectant parents.  I indulge in business ideas and feel incredibly proud of the Babies in Waiting team who are getting closer and more and more supportive of each other every day throughout this situation.  I feel motivated to make sure that pregnant couples have a high quality Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course experience because that's what they deserve and I feel my passion to support them supercharged.  I want them to be able to say, 'Yep, my baby was born in the pandemic but hey it was still amazing.'  This happens when people become aware that their mindset is THE most important thing.  Your perception of a situation and what YOU want and expect is key.  Plan for, expect and get your beautifull birth experience.  You are in control of your headspace.  

For me, the only option is to swim and keep swimming whatever happens next.  Who's with me?

Sending love,