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5 tips for when things feel tough.

I see you.  I can see you getting to grips with the bodily changes, battling the nausea and the tiredness.  I know that you wonder whether you will be able to get through it.  9 months can seem like a long time.  But you will and here are 5 top tips for when things feel tough –

1) Water.  I cannot underestimate the power of a shower when you need to break the feeling of low mood or feeling achy or uncomfortable.   Any time of the day or night, when you need to shift your mindset – jump in the shower for a few moments.   It’s a great way of refreshing your mindset and beginning again.  Mood boosting hormones are released such as serotonin.  If you can’t have a shower because you are at work or looking after other children, run your hands and wrists under water and take a few moments to centre yourself. 

Also, it’s so important to remember to rehydrate and take time out to drink a glass of water.  Sometimes we feel irritable because we are dehydrated.  Drinking plenty of water is also great for the health of your amniotic fluid. 

2) Future pacing.  Refocus on why you are going through so many changes.  Visualise the end goal.  Lazily daydream about holding your baby in your arms for the first time.  It might feel like a long way off but it really isn’t in the grand scheme of things.  Your imagination can be a powerful place to hang out.  Utilise it for your benefit.  Your imagination will provide your body with calming physical sensations.  Talk out loud to your baby and tell them how you can’t wait to hold them and meet them for the first time.  Why not enjoy a little chat with baby about the future and the experiences you will share.

3) Positive people.  We are all energetic beings.  If you have felt drained recently or more worried than usual, perhaps it’s because you have been spending time with people who have a negative energy.  Surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine and who lift your mood.  If this is your first baby, why not arrange to see a friend who has recently had a baby so that you soak up those newborn vibes and remember what the process of pregnancy is all about. 

4) Movement.  Even if you do not feel like it, it is so important to move your body and get outside in the fresh air every day.  Some of you will be continuing with the exercise that you did pre pregnancy, which is wonderful.  Others, due to pregnancy ailments or work commitments may have found it trickier to exercise.  However, if you are able to have a short walk as a minimum each and every day you will notice how it clears your mind and makes you feel more comfortable in your body.

5) Thought tracking.  Keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings every day.  Write them down with a pen and paper rather than typing them on to your phone because it helps your brain to process your thoughts.  Be completely honest with yourself and write down your secret thoughts and fears.  ‘Brain dump’ everything and anything that is in your mind.  You will then have the opportunity to read back over your thoughts and become aware of how you have dealt with emotions or setbacks.   For example, if you had diary entries throughout the first trimester that you were able to reflect upon during the second trimester, you are able to visually see your journey and how you overcame challenges. This will serve as a powerful confidence booster.

Remember your body is growing a human being.  Things will not always seem so tough.  How you are feeling now does not define you.  You are adaptable, brave and strong and you have totally got this.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like any Babies in Waiting support.