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Confidence, strength and connection.  Three words that I would use to describe the amazing birth that I supported as a Doula just over a week ago.  I get goose bumps now just thinking about it.  Nicole’s husband Tom was with her every step of the way and it was one of those magical experiences that I know will always stay with me.  It made me reflect on how life really does come down to love and connection.  Love was most definitely in the air as this little one made her journey into her Mother's arms.  


Nicole had been experiencing niggles three weeks prior to the birth.  There had been a few times where it seemed as if labour was starting but then as time passed, it all stopped.  There were trips to the hospital to make sure everything was well and private scans to get additional reassurance. All of this, combined with pressure from the hospital to have an induction, created an emotional wait for beautiful Nelly.   But as they say, perfection takes time and Nelly knew the day that she wanted to make her entrance into the world.    


I received the text message that I had been anticipating at an ideal time, 6.30pm on a Saturday evening (Thank you Nelly.)   I arrived at the house and was greeted by Tom. The house was very tranquil.   Finlay and Teddy (Nicole and Tom’s two sons) were at their Grandparents.  Nicole was upstairs in her bedroom; it was such a beautiful sight.  There were fairy lights on the floor and a diffuser filling the air.   Music was softly playing.  Nicole was doing brilliantly, moving with the surges and breathing through them.  I could see that she wasn’t in active labour so I decided to leave Nicole with Tom and go downstairs.  I always find there is nothing worse than someone watching you.  A labouring woman may feel pressurised and want things to progress more quickly if she thinks she’s being watched rather than finding her own rhythm.  I sat downstairs and Eric the cat found my lap.  We sat quietly together hearing the gentle chatter and laughter coming from upstairs.


An hour passed and Tom wanted to know if it was the right time to call the midwives.  I responded that Nicole would know when the right time was. His instinct was that she might not tell us because she had now gone further into herself.  As I watched Nicole gently swaying with the frequent surges, I knew it was the time to call the midwives.  It’s always so exciting to get to this point and the previous three weeks quickly faded away as we all knew that Nelly wouldn’t be long.


Unfortunately, the call brought its own stress as Tom was told there were no homebirth midwives available.  Hearing this news, I felt so let down by the hospital.  If they were able to see what I could, they would never have asked Nicole to get in a car and go into hospital.  She was so far in the zone, it would have been cruel to tell her such upsetting news.   Tom and I had a plan that we would call an ambulance when we knew Nelly was nearly here.  This was probably a bit naive of me, as the signs of baby coming were so slight.  There wasn’t a murmur from Nicole; she was so beautifully controlled.   The surges must have been very strong, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell.


Around an hour and a half passed and then we received another call from the hospital to say two midwives would be coming out to us.  Tom and I were both very pleased to hear this. They said they would be here arriving in half an hour.  Baby Nelly however had other plans; Tom had instinctively known that his wife probably wouldn’t tell us if she felt baby coming.


We saw a small shudder in Nicole’s legs and she slightly squatted; this was the sign we had been watching for.  Tom positioned himself to catch his daughter as she very gently came into the world.  I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing sight this was. 


Nelly was born beautifully thanks to her amazing Mother who was so calm and in complete control.  Tom caught his daughter without fuss or drama.  It was such an honour and privilege to witness Nelly’s birth.  The midwives arrived ten minutes after Nelly was born and the placenta was birthed soon after.


Baby Nelly Wren was born at 10.50pm on the 8th of February.