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The word labour by definition means ‘work’.  What does the word ‘work’ mean to you?  To me, it’s focussing on something for a period of time and then receiving reward.  Often the reward is monetary or a feeling pride after achieving a goal.  If you were ‘working out’ at the gym the reward would be endorphins, improved fitness and muscle tone etc.  Therefore ‘work’ always comes to a conclusion and a sense of achievement is experienced at some point.  Of course, the harder you work the better the results are and the greater that sense of achievement is.    

It’s interesting because the majority of people that we meet on our first session of the Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course have a concern or fear about labour.  But where does this fear come from if the word labour only means ‘work’ and that your body is going to physically exert itself.  Why are we scared of this?  It makes sense that the female body is going to have to work hard to birth the baby.  Fearing it makes the job a whole lot more challenging.  Unfortunately, it seems to me that the natural bodily process of labour has somehow been forgotten and there’s apprehension based on the dramatisation of birth in the media, the medicalisation of birth and the sharing of horror stories.  The fear stems from other things and not the natural bodily function of labour.  Fear also comes from the unknown, from stepping out of your comfort zone (the realm of day to day life) and experiencing something that your body has potentially never done before.   

Labour is hard work, there’s no getting away from it.  The Babies in Waiting courses provides you with information and education so that labour is no longer the unknown.  You know what to expect and how to prepare for it therefore attacking conscious fear head on.  The course also provides techniques to support you while your body is working hard.  It’s like having a toolbox within your mind to ease the experience.

The arrival of your baby is a reward like no other.  The euphoria that many feel when they hold their baby in their arms for the first time is momentous.  Your body has grown and nurtured a baby over several months.  Your body then births your baby.  This is a job of work like no other.

Instead of misplaced fear, why not embrace the mindset that your body knows how to birth your baby and that it will work hard to do so.  Instead of nerves and dread, how about a positive attitude of ‘bring it on, I am prepared for my body to labour in order to bring my baby into the world.’ 

A belief system that celebrates the miracle of nature and praises the body’s capabilities rather than doubting them equals an understanding that the mind and body are in fact linked.  Harness the power of the mind and the imagination and support the body with what it is designed to do. ‘Work’ then becomes something that is positively anticipated and celebrated.

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