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'Hi, I'm Kim Mason.  I deliver training for the Babies in Waiting teachers.  Here's a little more information about me.

I am a wife, mother, nana and a midwife

I began my nursing career in 1977 when I started general nursing training, a three year course, with midwifery being an extra course for a year afterwards. Training then was very much 'hands on' and clinically based, an opportunity to study the art of midwifery whilst working with women and their families. Now midwifery is a three year degree course, University based with clinical experience, mentored by midwives in the hospital/community environment. I updated my clinical training by completing my BA in 2005. During this time I had the opportunity to enjoy a diverse variety of experiences including a visit to Ina May Gaskin on “The farm” in Tennessee where midwifery has been delivered in a unique way for many years.

Whilst I feel that the clinical training was far superior in terms of practicality the knowledge gained by completing the degree course gave me the evidence base and confidence with which to challenge old, dated practices.

I have always felt passionately about midwifery, supporting women and their families throughout their journey to parenthood. The road has not always been easy, it has been challenging, heartwarming, heartbreaking, fulfilling, frustrating, stimulating and I’ve always felt so incredibly lucky to travel this road with them.  I hope that I have been able to share knowledge with women to empower them during their journey.

My particular passion is physiological birth.

It became apparent early on in my career that, for the most part this is best achieved at home where birth can proceed without interruption or intervention, without time restraints and often unachievable goals. I have had the privilege of caring for and supporting women that are known to me and with whom I have been able to build a trusting relationship during the antenatal period. To this end I have spent most of my career in the community where it is able to complete the whole package of care.

I enjoyed working with a caseload for many years, offering antenatal care, ante natal group work with couples to prepare them for birth and the early days of parenthood. I was able to attend these women in labour and provide birth care both at home or in hospital and postnatal support, often well beyond the 28 days. The joy of returning families, with one family I “shared” all 6 of their babies despite them moving home three times. Every birth is completely unique and there is something new to learn, always.

Sharing the vast expanse of knowledge that I have learnt from women with my midwifery colleagues has been an important part of my career. Organising and delivering home birth study days for midwives who often have very little opportunity to attend women choosing to birth their babies at home. Supporting midwives to support women, this is so important as women are well able to be “guided or misguided” by professionals who hold their own particular beliefs. It saddens me that in the current climate women often feel that home birth is beyond reach for a whole variety of reasons, in fact many women are not fully informed of choices they are able to make in so many areas of care.

However, there is no greater joy than that which I have known throughout my career, the best choice I ever made was to share so many amazing journeys with the most incredible women.'


As Babies in Waiting Founders, we absolutely love working with Kim.  Her wisdom, knowledge and passion for supporting birth postively is amazing.  We are so proud that Kim is able to offer our teachers training, CPD days and support.  She enriches our Hypnobirthing course beautifully.