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Exciting news!  We are so thrilled to have a new team member join our Babies in Waiting family. 

Kerry is currently training to take on the North Colchester area and teach Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation courses. 

We met Kerry when she was expecting her first baby and we have kept in contact with her over the years so it is extra special that she is now joining the team.  We wanted to share some more details about Kerry’s story and so we asked her a few questions –


1) How did you feel about labour before attending the Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing course when you were pregnant for the first time?

‘I felt nervous and actually quite clueless about what to expect. I wanted to avoid experiencing the "horror" stories I had heard around birth and wanted to embrace it with a different mental attitude. I can't even remember how I found Babies in Waiting but I am so glad I did. I remember Giovanna Fletcher speak about her experience of hypnobirthing and I was very keen to achieve such a positive experience myself.’ 


2) How did you feel after attending the Babies in Waiting course?

‘I felt empowered, confident and excited to give birth. I loved the support and warmth I received during the course and the ability to speak openly within the group without judgment. I actually made a special friend on the course too as our babies were born on the same day and we are still very good friends now. I left the course with a different mindset – one of pure positivity that I could and would be able to birth beautifully.’ 


3) How was your birth experience?

'My birth was extremely positive and special. Sean (my husband) was amazing and demonstrated to me just how important your birth partner is. He learnt as much as me during the course and we were very much ‘in it together’. It was quite amazing putting into action all I had learnt and it all felt so natural. I went to a birthing unit but was very much left alone by the midwife as I had requested. She only came in when I asked. I felt respected, in control and so proud of what I had achieved. I listened to my body and went with it and Bobby was born beautifully.' 


4) Was there anything that you did to prepare for the birth of your second baby?

‘I attended a refresher course with Jo who had taught me first time round with Bobby.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved being able to come back to a familiar and safe environment and see a friendly face. Everything associated with Babies in Waiting brings me so much joy, it’s like a sanctuary. We discussed Bobby's birth in detail and Jo reminded me of the wonderful experience I had with Bobby and that I could do it again.’ 


5) How was your second birth experience? 

‘My second birth experience was beautiful and everything I had hoped it would be. I decided to have Ivy at home because I knew my confidence had grown so much from having Bobby.  I felt so comfortable, loved and safe at home. I was able to control my environment because it was my home and although I did ask Sean to request a different midwife (nothing to do with her knowledge or experience, I just don't think we saw eye to eye and she was actually killing my vibe) I felt respected. I had a lovely midwife who sat by the side of the pool and encouraged me to listen to my body. I even caught Ivy as she swam through my legs. Ivy's cord wasn't cut until it stopped pulsating and it was heaven to be at home and have everything and everyone I needed around me. Once the midwives had finished caring for me and Ivy we all went downstairs for pizza and cake and Bobby was there waiting to meet his new baby sister, Honestly, when I look back on pictures of Ivy's birth I could burst into such happy tears. It brings me back to a moment where I felt my absolute strongest, where I knew I could achieve the calm, natural birth I wanted. It also highlighted again how incredibly important your birth partner is. Sean handled the midwife situation with such ease and supported me with so much love and strength.’


6) What was it about Babies in Waiting that made you want to join the team?

‘I love and respect everything that Babies in Waiting stands for. The way the course teaches women to trust their bodies, to be confident and to question things by midwives, consultants etc. I raved so much to so many people about my two positive birth experiences and it made me sad still hearing negative birth stories. I knew I wanted to join and change women's mindsets surrounding birth and provide the encouragement I had received.’ 


7) How are you finding the training experience?

‘I’m finding the Franchisee training brilliant. A lot of time and care has been put into the course and I feel I am being very supported every step of the way. Although I feel nervous as I take in all of the information, I know my confidence will soon grow once I get stuck into teaching.’ 


8) What are you most looking forward to about launching your Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation classes?

‘I’m looking forward to empowering other women in the same way that I was. I look forward to creating a safe environment for pregnant couples and providing a support network. I can't wait for the ladies I teach to share their birth stories with me. I would like Float & Booch to become hub of positivity in Colchester.’


(Note: Float and Booch is another business owned by Kerry and her husband Sean.  They provide flotation therapy and organic health drinks. https://www.float-booch.co.uk/) 


9) What one top tip would you most like to share with an expectant Mum?

‘Believe in yourself and trust your body. Your body is designed to give birth and this experience with your baby will only happen once, so make it one that you will cherish forever and look back on with happy tears. Surround yourself with people who bring you joy.’


Keep an eye out for more updates about Kerry's Babies in Waiting training journey at @babiesinwaitingnorthcolchester.