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Ever wondered what it must be like to be a Babies in Waiting Franchisee?  We met Vicky when she was pregnant with her daughter Amber over three years ago when she attended the Babies in Waiting course herself as an expectant Mum.  She then wanted to join the team to share her passion for positivity during pregnancy and birth.  Vicky really enjoys giving parents personalised support.  Her Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation classes are held in Romford, Essex in a beautiful outbuilding at her home.  Find out more about what Vicky thinks about being a Babies in Waiting teacher by reading what she gets up to on one of her teaching days.     


Vicky - A day in the life of a Babies in Waiting franchisee

'On my teaching days I prepare for my class by reading through my notes, setting up everything and getting my work space and the house clean and tidy ready for my clients to arrive. As soon as I put my uniform on, I’m looking forward to the class! I prepare some healthy snacks and set the coffee table. The room is a comfortable temperature, music is playing quietly in the background and there’s lavender oil in the diffuser. Blankets, pillows and eye masks laid out on the sofas. On the last session I like to add a few battery operated t-lights around the room as we’re discussing creating a calm and cosy birth environment. And during the summer we have cold foot baths and ice creams.


If clients ask me a specific question, I’ll do some research before the class to point them in the right direction or ask the team for advice. I feel it’s really important to be able to give personalised support to my clients. I really value our training days, I learn so much and it’s the perfect opportunity to seek professional advice from the team and our midwife.


We all have our own individual presence on social media which we share ideas and support one another with. It’s an ongoing project that I do whenever I get some spare time, on evenings and on the go. I wasn’t very clued up about using social media for marketing but it’s been a huge building block for my business and made it easy to collaborate with other local businesses.


From the admin side of things I’ll be answering new enquiries and taking bookings, record keeping and ordering stock. Keeping my accounts up to date and advertising via social media, leaflets and local parent and baby events.


I love the flexibility of having my own part time business so that I can also spend time with my three year old daughter. My family help me with childcare while I’m teaching classes on evenings or weekends. I was a bit nervous starting my own business but being part of the team makes it so much easier and their support has given me the confidence to grow. When you’re teaching something you’re passionate about and enjoy, it really doesn’t feel like work. The parents I’ve met during the classes and stayed in touch with are lovely and their positive feedback reaffirms why I feel the need to support them.'