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Thank you for providing Sean and I with the tools to be able to birth beautifully and have the knowledge we needed to make informed decisions that were right for us and our baby.

I had the home birth I hoped for even though I was ‘11 days overdue’.  I was able to stick to my guns and was adamant I would birth Ivy at home in the pool in my bedroom.

As you know I was feeling slightly anxious that I had a hospital appointment looming on Tuesday 26th November at Colchester hospital to discuss induction, I would’ve been 40 + 12 at that point.

 I was sure Ivy would arrive before that dreaded appointment, but as it approached I was beginning to feel the pressure.  I refused a stretch and sweep and tried to relax with plenty of walks. Sean and I even had the weekend to ourselves as Bobby stayed at his Grandparents. It was lovely to enjoy some time together.

On the Sunday evening, we collected Bobby, and once home my waters started to gradually break throughout the night.  On the Monday morning, I woke up with Bobby as usual and I was sure it was going to be ‘the day’.  I phoned Sean’s Mum and she came to collect Bobby at 7:30 am. I was in early labour as was having surges but was able to get Bobby ready. We phoned the hospital just to make them aware.  The midwife started asking me all sorts of questions and was saying there was nothing on my notes to say whether I’d had a risk assessment of my home.  At that point Sean took the phone and took charge, he basically told them not to cause me any stress and that we would be having the birth at home, risk assessment or not. They said the community midwives phoneline opened at 8:30am so Sean phoned them at that time and a midwife came to see me at 9 am ish.

Unfortunately, the midwife that arrived irritated me.  She was a nice enough lady but she was far too medical.  I told her I was glad that I didn’t have to go to our induction hospital appointment to which she replied, we do need to speak of induction as your waters have broken and you will need to be induced tonight if labour doesn’t progress.  Honestly, I was so irritated that she had come into my home, my birthing room and was giving me facts and figures and basically killing my vibe. Sean left the room at one point and then she said I might not be able to give birth in my bedroom as if paramedics were needed they would struggle to get a stretcher up the stairs. I told her I wasn’t going to be birthing in any other room.  I said that the bedroom was where my pool was and Sean would carry me if needs be but that it wouldn’t come to that.  The midwife booked us in with the hospital to be induced at midnight even though we told her we wouldn’t be going.  Sean was incredible, he took complete control and told her we wouldn’t be going to the appointment. 

When that midwife left, my surges really kicked into gear and Sean got on the phone and requested a new midwife to be sent. I was listening to my music and just standing in the shower. Two lovely midwives arrived and I knew Ivy was going to arrive in no time.  The midwives who arrived both had a student with them and I noticed there was too much chatter and so I looked at Sean and he asked them to be quiet.  I couldn’t talk, my surges were strong and fast and I got in the pool.  The pool was such a relief and I just went with my body, Ivy arrived 45 minutes after the new midwives arrived. She literally swam through my legs and I lifted her up, it was incredible. The placenta was delivered naturally an hour later and Ivy was cut from it once delivered.  There was lots of skin to skin and I just laid on my bed snuggling Ivy on my chest whilst a midwife attended to my stitches.

Sean put some pizza in the oven and his mum came back with Bobby. It was lovely to go downstairs and for him to meet Ivy straight away and have pizza and cake with the midwives before they left.

Thank you again for giving us all the knowledge and support we needed. I’m so glad Ivy arrived when she was ready.