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I had planned the birth of my second child very early on in my pregnancy. I wanted to have another homebirth, as I had with my first.

Every time I thought of this birth I got very excited and wanted to ‘top’ my first birth experience. I had my birth box ready to go from around Christmas time, inlcuding things like tarpooling, bed sheets, lavender oil, diffuser etc.  It was all in my lounge cupboard ready to go. My lounge had fairy lights through curtain poles, on shelves ready to be switched on when labour begun. I had even put fairy lights in our bedroom and ensured it was kept tidy to provide a relaxed atmosphere just in case I changed where I wanted to give birth, as I had with my first. I booked my Doula (babiesinwaitinghq) as soon as I had my 12 week scan knowing both my husband and I wanted Jo to be a part of our birth experience again.

My first baby came a week early, so everyone, including myself, expected my second to be early as well. However, my second was a cheeky monkey and was born 2 weeks ‘late’. When I was 12 days ‘over’ I was offered a sweep and an induction, I declined because I knew my baby would come when he/she was ready, and my dates I was only 6 days ‘over’. I had to have daily monitoring of baby and I until I gave birth to ensure both of us were okay. 

During my scan it showed that the fluid around my baby was not clear, which caused concern that my baby may have meconium (first poo) in the fluid. Due to this, I was advised that I should be induced as there was a risk to my baby.  I accepted.

However, this meant my home birth would not happen and I would be giving birth on the high risk ward in hospital. This filled me with dread and made me nervous due to a number of reasons. 

                1.            Myself and hospitals do not get along, the smell and feeling I get when I enter a hospital 70% of the time makes me pass out. This would obviously not be good during labour.

                2.            My calming, familiar, relaxing environment I had created at home with all my home comforts was now changed to a hospital room, which I could only imagine was 4 white walls, bright lights, no window, huge bed and just very clinical.

                3.            Although I had packed a hospital bag, it didn’t have everything in it. Therefore my poor husband had to run around at home picking up all the bits I kept sending over. I felt very unorganised.


When I was taken to my bed to be induced I was met by a midwife who was apologetic that I was not getting my home birth and that I was being induced. She had read my birth plan which was in my notes. This definitely made me feel more at ease. She was happy to help me stick to the rest of my birth plan as much as I could. I just kept thinking soon my baby will be in my arms and where I birth him/her will not matter.

At 8am I was induced with one tablet. My surges then began within half hour and they were strong. When labour is brought on artificially the surges are stronger with no build up. My breathing and visualisation techniques from our Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course were extremely helpful, and were put to use straight away.

Throughout my labour I visualised holding my baby as soon as he/she was born and finding out the sex. Every time a surge came I focused on my breathing while visualising his/her skin against mine. This focusing became harder as the surges ramped up quickly, luckily my husband (captain) was there to keep me focused.

I was also lucky enough to have Jo (babiesinwaitinghq), my Doula, join us. She was a fresh face and was full of support, keeping me focused on breathing as well as providing a cold wet flannel and much needed oils. Jo and my husband were incredible.

There were times pain relief was tempting, this labour was a lot more intense than my first but with these two supporting me I stuck to my plan and kept breathing.

As I was induced I had to have my baby monitored every few hours, this meant laying on the bed and having monitors strapped to my bump. Every time this happened my surges ramped up, as I could not get into a position to enable the surges and breathing to be my focus. This made me feel sick and faint, there were a few time so thought I would pass out. My Doula came to the rescue with a homeopathic remedy to help with this. The last monitoring I had led me to the phrase ‘I’m done, I can’t do it anymore’, which my doula and midwife took as it wouldn’t be long. As soon as I stood up the pressure from my baby gave me a sign that they were about to make an appearance. At this point,  I think I shouted 'the baby is coming'. I was then ready to push and breathe out my baby ready to hold him/her.

At 14:28 my baby boy Hudson was born and put into my arms. I had done it! How I had done it I was unsure but I had and I was proud to have birthed my baby by using the BIW techniques only. 

I just held him in my arms staring at him, I could not believe he was finally here! My gorgeous healthy second baby boy, my heart was full of love.

Mia x