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The first trimester and the unwritten rule of pregnancy

If like me you ‘just knew’ you were pregnant, well before your missed period, it can be a long twelve weeks waiting for your first scan. I’d taken test after test, waiting for the second line to appear and watching it get darker with each test. We were excited, we wanted to tell the world.. but, WHAT IF?

Pregnancy (pre twelve weeks) has become a secret and the unwritten rule that news shouldn’t be shared until the first scan ‘in case something goes wrong’ puts doubt in our mind.

Excitement aside, I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish; exhausted, nauseous and faint to name a few. Everyday tasks have become that little bit more difficult and if I had it my way, I would quite happily hide under the duvet until the news was out.

But when I just pause for a moment and remember what an incredible job my body is doing, it puts things into perspective and the negativity fades. I have already started to take time out of my day to listen to my audios, relax and bond with the baby growing within me.. to reset my frame of mind.

Yes, I’m exhausted.
Yes, I’m nauseous.
Yes, I feel faint.

BUT... I am also excited. Excited for what’s to come; the first scan, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, the birth.

Ultimately, those first twelve weeks are a time of big change; emotionally, physically and hormonally...a time when we need support. I found my support in Babies in Waiting.