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When we found out we were expecting our second baby, I immediately knew that I wanted a very different birthing experience to that of our daughter. I found my first birthing experience stressful, chaotic and painful and started to research ways in which to have a more relaxing birth. I had heard about hypnobirthing before, and it wasn’t until I heard Giovanna Fletcher speak of her 3 positive births that I researched into doing it for myself. Babies in Waiting was recommended to me by numerous people locally so I decided to complete the 4 week hypnobirthing course with my husband via zoom. During the course I learnt so many valuable lessons and techniques that I put into practice and used during my labour and birth of our son. In the end we opted for a home birth to be able to feel comfortable and stress free whilst I was labouring. 


When my surges started in the morning I felt ready and relaxed as I knew I had been practicing my breathing, visualisation and hypnosis techniques, which made me feel calm and at ease. I also knew I could just stay at home and not have to transfer to hospital which meant I could get into a deep sense of a relaxed state of mind. 


I listened to the scripts throughout my labour and the positive words and guidance kept me feeling relaxed and calm. It was only a few hours after the midwives arrived that I held our beautiful baby boy in my arms - I was so proud of myself and totally in awe of what my body and mind had achieved without  intervention and no pain relief at all. I got the birth I wanted where I was in control. My husband said he felt more involved and relaxed this time around and the midwives respected our decisions regarding minimal interventions and communication.  


Hypnobirthing definitely prepared my mind for labour this time around and was a much more positive and enjoyable experience. Our course leader Jen was an amazing mentor throughout and was continually supporting us all the way up to the birth - not just for the duration of the 4 weeks. I am looking forward to catching up with some of the other parents and babies at Mother and Baby Club and to share our beautiful birth experiences.

El and Jack Dearlove