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Babies in Waiting is simply the best!

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Back in 2012 my sister told me she wanted to do hypnobirthing in preparation for the birth of my beautiful niece Ivy. She attended a private course with Jo from Babies in Waiting in Billericay and absolutely loved it.

‘Having a baby at home?!...that’s too risky!!’ I said. ‘No drugs...not even gas and air? You must be mad!! Have you not watched ‘One born every minute?!’ I said.

Well, when Ivy did finally arrive my sister absolutely bossed it, and I remember thinking...if there is a way to bring a baby in to the world, that is it!

In 2016, we got our own opportunity to attend the course with 4 other couples. It was amazing...it wasn’t at all like some other courses you hear about where there are so many of you crammed in to a room being read to from a book. We learnt SO much about birth, we discussed every worry or fear, we bonded over our impending arrivals and most importantly, we completely relaxed and just looked forward for the day to come. We learnt that birth doesn’t always need to be a drama, or panic or like the horror stories you hear from when you are young.

Giving birth to Zac was amazing. All I wanted was a smooth birth and that was exactly what I got. I didn’t need drugs or gas and air even because I was doing it, on my own. He arrived and was the most calm baby laying in my arms. He hadn’t been forced out by intervention, I said 'no' to being induced. He came just the way he wanted and exactly when he was ready...14 days after I expected!!

The second time round and 12 long days later we were heavily anticipating Kingsley’s arrival. The night of Boxing Day was a long one. The surges were slowing down and I let some negative comments from negative people get in to my head. What if there was something wrong with me? What if I wasn’t able to give birth to this baby? Maybe I should have a sweep, like suggested, to see if it will get things moving again? It hadn’t gone to plan. It wasn’t going the same as Zac’s birth. Well cue a few tears and an emotional phone call later, Jo was there for us when we needed her most. She sat in front of me whilst I was on my birthing ball feeling exhausted and beaten, and her words to me were ‘listen to your own body...Laura you know this, you know what you are doing’ and I literally thought to myself...yes you are bloody right! All of a sudden I had this dream team around me, an amazing midwife, my husband, my mum and Jo, all there to support me through this experience. Like magic the surges began to build again, I was feeling relaxed and safe, and I couldn’t wait to get myself back in that pool! I visualised my little family laying in front of the TV relaxing on the sofa...this is it, baby is coming! In the pool I go and I let my body do its thing. 15 minutes later and Kingsley arrived and he was the most amazing little thing I could have laid my eyes on.

Jo and Emily you have enabled us to have the most amazing memories of giving birth to our babies twice in the comfort of our own home, completely natural, in a birthing pool. Without Babies in Waiting I would have never have achieved this. Both of my children had the best possible start to their lives and entered this world in a positive way. What you provide both women and men is amazing and whilst I am sad that my pregnancy journey is over I will always use what I have learnt from yourselves in day to day life. Anyone expecting or even thinking of having a baby...go go go! BIW are simply the best.