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Hudson's beautiful hospital birth.

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I had planned the birth of my second child very early on in my pregnancy. I wanted to have another homebirth, as I had with my first.


Speedy leap year arrival.

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Just wanted to say thank you again and share Jack’s birth story with you. I honestly feel like it is a privilege to have had the experiences I’ve had with both Dottie and Jack being welcomed into the world in the way that they were. 

Tom and I cannot speak highly enough of the BIW course and the education you provide for both Mums and Dads. 

Jack was, by the hospital dates, due on 25th February. Tom and I thought he was due on 6th March. Either way we were excited and relaxed. We knew our baby would arrive when he was ready. 


Five reasons why I wanted him in the birthing pool with me…

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When I first mentioned the possibility of joining me in the birthing pool for labour, my suggestion was met with point blank refusal and a look of shock. My husband Dave is not the stereotypical ‘hippy’ homebirther’s partner. He’s very much a footie loving, City working bloke. The thought of a home birth was a bit scary for him at first and he needed some convincing. The thought of him getting in the birth pool with me also (at first) filled him with horror. However, as is the power of the Babies in Waiting course, he became more open to the idea over time.