Mia - Basildon

Congratulations on your pregnancy, you are growing your beautiful little baby inside you, which is a huge blessing.

How do you feel about your birth? Have you heard negative birth stories? Would you like to start bonding with your baby now, and to have a positive, beautiful birth? Well, this is the right course for you.

My experience with Babies in Waiting started when I was pregnant in 2018 with my baby boy. I was extremely happy to be pregnant but had heard many negative birth stories which made me nervous about my birth. So after hearing many positive stories regarding Babies in Waiting and being a first time mum, my husband and I decided to do the course. This turned out to be a fantastic decision for us both; my husband was at first very sceptical about the course, however, by the end we were both in a totally different mind-frame from when we first started, even to the point we changed from a hospital birth to a home birth. From the first moment of meeting and stepping into Babies in Waiting we both felt at ease and confident. It all made sense and the knowledge we gained was invaluable. The course empowered us and helped us to bond with our baby before he was born. I loved being pregnant and had a beautiful natural home birth with no pain relief. The mindset I achieved from doing this course and the techniques I learnt enabled me to have a positive birth experience, and I have also used them in other areas of my life.

After my experience with Babies in Waiting, I decided I wanted to empower other pregnant women and their partners to enjoy their pregnancy journey as much as I did. The Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course is a comprehensive antenatal course which supports the mental and emotional well-being of pregnant women, preparing them for the life changing moment of giving birth. We enable expectant couples to make informed choices throughout their pregnancy journey, as well as teaching them techniques to eliminate fear. Also, the pregnancy relaxation sessions are a really special time for mum and baby to bond and unwind from the busy world we live in. Relaxation scripts are read to enable deep relaxation and are beneficial regardless of your birth choice or circumstance.

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have, and being part of your amazing pregnancy journey.

Class dates to be confirmed shortly. To register your interest, please contact me at, mia@babiesinwaiting.co.uk